Shinobi no mono - Preface

Shinobi no mono Preface

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Japan 1683
Aogashima Island. Oda Ishida, a renegade samurai takes up arms to avenge his lord who was savagely murdered by the men of Ishi Kinoshita, a local lord from the Tokugawa region.

It is on this island that the legend of Shinobi no mono begins.

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The preface of the game is completely free.
There is a tutorial to get familiar with the controls.
There is support for motion sickness that can occur with this kind of movement in the game.
You can climb everywhere to escape your enemies or to spy on them before attacking.
You have access to several types of weapons including shurikens, bows and katanas.
Ammo is limited, so you must collect any you find.

This preface is the first complete level of a game under development.

Nota bene: I don't have an Oculus Quest 1 and I don't know if the game works correctly on it. (Your feedback is welcome)
I have implemented a series of parameters to reduce the graphics power required.

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"Music" Ethan Lewis Maltby

Crédits under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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